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Dessert bars are about more than just desserts; dessert bars are about taking back the night and socialising without clubbing or hitting the bars. Key elements of Madame Spaghetti combine quirky flavours, unique presentation and a cool energetic vibe instore created through tunes, light and enthusiastic staff. Madame Spaghetti stands for an exciting, entertaining, innovative and bold experience that will win all gelato and dessert lovers over – and actually everyone else, too. Inspired by spaghetti with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, the first spaghetti ice cream was invented in Germany with vanilla gelato, strawberry sauce and white chocolate flakes to imitate the look of a typical pasta dish. However, encouraged by Melbourne´s creativity and enthusiasm to explore new flavours from all over the world, it was time to open a new chapter and bring this traditional dessert to a new level.

Here’s a thought — have you ever thought about a spaghetti carbonara flavor with actual bacon in it? …and remember – we´re talking gelato here! We’ve dedicated countless hours into polishing our own gelato recipes so not only your tastebuds get excited when eating excellent gelato but we also understand that you eat with your eyes (first!). Keeping the menu short and simple allows us to source the best ingredients and make everything from scratch in our little gelato lab in Port Melbourne where we churn our gelato and craft all our additions. Ultimately, our goal is to make people happy. We understand that gelato might not be pick no. 1 in your survival kit (OR YES?), but after all, dessert is all about treating yourself, getting out of your routine, enjoying life and connecting with people.


Be the change you wish to see in the world🌏 We love our sustainable packaging that gives our gelato all the attention it deserves while also being incredibly eco-friendly ♻️ Made from sugarcane, all natural, biodegradable and compostable! Big changes with small steps ❤️ #ecofriendlypackaging


Keeping our menu short allows us to source the freshest local ingredients and make all our gelato and toppings in house. Using organic, free-range & fairtrade produce gives us the ability to demonstrate our commitment to ethical and sustainable values.


At Madame Spaghetti we believe you’re a product of your environment, that why we aim to have every employee and customer leave a better person that when they walk in! Every bit counts, wether its learning to work as a part of a team of just making that smile a little wider.